Ealing Fields High School

17th century house flanked by 21st century architecture forms new academy

Ealing Fields High School is part of the high achieveing Twyford CofE Academies Trust. The new schools move into 17th century Place House brings grandeur and heritage to learn from the best of the past and move into an innovate future. The school has a family-feel where students, parents and staff can feel well known within the institution.


Ealing Fields was started as a local free school in 2016 by a group of local parents. The move to join Twyford CofE Academies Trust sees them take a great step on their journey into a unique educational architectural environment. Place House built in the 17th century is now flanked by two modern school buildings. With so much heritage and history we needed to represent the new and old in this fresh educational brand environment.


RAW Brothers developed the unique brand story of the school represented by the Flame of Prometheus on every school blazer badge. The ‘Place to Spark’ brings together the Promethean school motto ‘Leading with Courage and Compassion’ alongside the Place House heritage story. Working closely with the architect we needed to create an internal brand environment that reflected history alongside a modern educational vision.


The brand environment has been developed sensitively across the heritage and modern architectural elements. Themes of leadership, courage and compassion accompany you over the three floors of the teaching residence. Place House now named Senior House after William and Louisa Lawrence (neé Senior) who lived there in mid 19th century includes story telling and period framed historic content. A unique bespoke graphic pattern has been developed for the large areas of glass manifestation within the modern architectural elements.

I’m a teacher by background so didn’t understand how subtle use of the spaces we inhabit can support a palpable sense of ethos and develop culture. Visitors to the school all comment on the beauty of the spaces that RAW Brothers helped us design and this adds to the students and staff sense of professional pride whilst going about their day-to-day work.

Mark Bedford – Head Teacher

Creating an education brand environment space


RAW Brothers have a tried and tested brand environment methodology that is deigned to help the schools senior leadership team through the process of realising their vision in the 3 dimensional space.


Our experience in developing educational brand and creating interior architectural space ensures that your budget is maximised. We help you get the most out of your investment working with construction partners.


Delivering a project on time and to expectations is key. We understand the built environment and flow seamlessly alongside other providers and contractors to ensure the creative brand elements are delivered as the icing on the cake!

A school built on an historic story...

The oldest part of Ealing Fields High School was originally called ‘Place House’ and was built for John Loving, Teller to the Exchequer of Charles II, who died in 1693.

In June 1838 Ealing Park was purchased by William and Louisa Lawrence (neé Senior) for £9,000. William and Louisa were leaders in their respective fields of surgery and botany. The school renamed the main house ‘Senior House’ in honour of Louisa Lawrence, and the main teaching building is ‘Lawrence Wing’ after William Lawrence.

The estate was sold by the Lawrence’s son in 1881. The land was broken up and bought by the British Land Company. The house itself later became St Anne’s Convent School for Girls. There were nearly 500 girls on the site including Dusty Springfield who attended the school between 1951 and 1955.

The site was neglected for a number of years until 2018 when work began on a complete renovation. Ealing Fields High School took up residence in September 2020.

RAW Brothers worked closely with the school and the heritage restoration team to sensitively place artefacts back into the central historic architectural environment. These including sourcing original records of characters involved in the story of the building and place.