Global Investment Business

Hybrid financial workplace in the heart of Dublin

This global investment companies workplace in Dublin is well positioned to help serve clients and support teams across Ireland and beyond. With the company seeking to become the most client centric firm in the investment industry the Dublin workplace needed a well branded highly flexible brand environment.

I thought you guys did a fantastic job with the office its personable, warm, modular, energetic (but not too loud), forward looking, fresh and functional.


With the opportunity to move the companies Dublin team to a new location RAW Brothers needed to ensure they were able to capture the core brand purpose at the heart of this workplace. We had also identified that this would be a more flexible agile space, one that would accommodate hybrid working and the companies ‘New Normal’ workplace strategy.


RAW Brothers led the workplace creative process in partnership with our friends at AWA, this included a number of senior leadership sessions to outwork the challenges around new normal working. RAW Brothers, with AWA, had already been developing highly agile, flexible workplaces for a number of years, this experience helped us steer the Dublin leadership through to a new workplace culture and design concept.


The new workplace design is a vibrant, light filled exciting space to come to work in. There is a spine of highly flexible workplace settings that runs through the heart of the space including quiet rooms, small meetings rooms and touch down spaces. The workplace has capacity for a number of team spaces as well as larger meetings rooms and a cafe meeting space. The whole space is wrapped in the new resimercial interior feel, one that reflects the organisations brand but has also allowed the Dublin team to add their own personality to the space.

Thanks to the project team...

This project was run through the COVID-19 pandemic. RAW Brothers ability to manage projects remotely all over the world means we are able be highly flexible and integrate with local teams of architects and designers. Special thanks must go to T&I and Mola architects, both these teams were highly collaborative and a pleasure to work with.

The Dublin workplace project needed to meet new client needs as they moved to a more agile working environment. The pace of this only increased with hybrid working becoming wider with COVID-19.

This workplace journey needed to incorporate the local teams needs and the global 'New Normal' strategy that is being adopted across the organisations portfolio. RAW Brothers helped the client team journey through the process providing a visual step by step guide to help everyone understand the change process.

Strategy Highlights


The space has been created to cater for the organisations 'New Normal' hybrid working strategy.


The creative strategy represents the business's overarching purpose alongside the Dublin personality.


The space is highly flexible and is able to accommodate the different needs of the Dublin team.


In a post occupany survey 100% of staff said they would be proud to introduce people to this new office