Telling your brand story by uniting personality, people and place

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Organisational Brand

The personality of your organisation is more important than ever.


Employee Engagement

What are the keys to uniting your organisational brand to your people?


Workplace Strategy

A great workplace lives and breathes authentic brand personality and people culture.

Latest from RAW Brothers


Bridging the hybrid gap

There's a gap emerging in where and how we work, a common word used to describe this gap between old ways of work and new ways of work is hybrid.

Go Human

The founding of new social enterprise – Go Human

RAW start new social enterprise with co founders The Art of Work. Go Human launches successfully in 2020 to help each other be more human and humane at work.

What we do

Organisational Brand – Personality

The personality of your organisation is more important than ever. Our expertise in creating and building organisational brands will enable you to fully explore your potential and look into the future with a roadmap on where to go next.


Brand new creative space for global fintech

Intelliflo develop the best-in-class, web-based business management systems and they needed a London based HQ to operate from.


Fundraising that creates strong bonds with donors

Creating a strategic fundraising campaign to strengthen existing donor bonds and build new ones – Tearfund – Less is More.

What we do

Employee Engagement – People

Brand is always more than a logo, it’s a narrative, it’s the story we tell each other. Its what we believe and experience about a person, an organisation its products and services.

Euro Car Parts

Every moment of every day our focus is keeping you moving

With an unrivalled product range, value and choice discover how this branding project helped Euro Car Parts.


Hybrid (workplace)

Why has it taken a pandemic for major organisations to realise there’s a ‘hybrid’ way to work?


Past, Present and Future at the British Film Institute

The BFI is the UK’s lead organisation for film, television and the moving image. This project saw a major renovation in their UK London home.

Eternal Wall

Strategic Naming for National Landmark

Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer is a huge Christian landmark. It will sit in the heart of the UK by the end of 2022.


Bringing science to the workplace with new AWA brand creation

Brand creation for AWA who delivers technologically and behaviourally complex projects to transform the workplace.


How to design workplace culture

RAW Brothers use a tried and tested method to help create stronger organisations. It’s all linked to these 3 simple words – Personality, People and Place.

What we do

Workplace Strategy – Place

The workplace is anywhere and everywhere. No longer can you totally control and dictate how a workplace looks and feels. But you can choose how to provide staff, employees and teams with the tools to do their best work everyday.


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