Ealing Business Club

In the spirit of EBC

Whether you are a start-up, a micro business or an SME, a warm welcome awaits you. Ealing Business Club exists solely to encourage and develop positive and productive relationships among the business community and the communities they serve. Having successfully run for 10 years, the club received a brand refresh for 2024.


RAW Brothers have been members of Ealing Business Club for a number of years and have been part of many projects giving into the local community partnering with other members. As part of the ten year Business Club celebrations we were approached to help review the Club communications strategy with a particular focus towards what makes the Club unique.


RAW Brothers took the Business Club leadership team through their tried and tested brand process and as part of that collaborative time a theme began to emerge. It was the ‘spirit’ of Ealing Business Club that made it special. It’s about feeling connected not just making connections that resonated with its membership. So we set about capturing this in a new symbol and the spirit of EBC brand story.


The Business Club team really resonated with the brand strategy and the new positioning as a more modern business club with a strong community, relational focus. The new brand presents the club with a unique EBC symbol, a sophisticated twist on classic Ealing green. We also developed a brand story, and set of brand assets to be used across marketing and brand communications.

RAW Brothers remained true to our original vision and values but elucidated and verbalised them into a tangible, exciting and dynamic rebrand.

Their brand refresh has taken the Club to a different level: a new logo that truly represents the Club, a website that reflects our values and who we are, a defined spirit of the Club that members can identify with and be proud of: a clear vision for the future.

Trisha Stewart – Director Ealing Business Club

A personal note from the client...

Ealing Business Club has grown over ten years without fuss or fanfare. It is run by a small team of volunteers with the goodwill, generosity and support of its members.

A brand refresh seemed a good idea as we had never sat down to work out how or why we had not only survived but thrived.

Most important of all, why did Ealing and west London businesses choose to come along, find value in us and join us?

This was our starting point as we approached our 10th anniversary.

RAW Brothers, active, committed, hugely talented creative agency and long-term members of Ealing Business Club, were the natural and favoured choice to ask to help us review our vision, values and brand and, building on our strong foundations, position us for meaningful growth and continued future success.

We have had the good fortune to work with Richard and Andy on several community projects and have seen for myself their inspiring approach, their thought-provoking workshops that are serious with a light-hearted touch, have depth and breadth, are fun – with a unique twist that is all their own.

In a nutshell, they combine creative talent with market brand expertise and experience: commercial with a heart.

The result: beyond our expectations.