RAW Brothers take on brand refresh for huge UK business

Read the latest news on RAW Brothers and Euro Car Parts.


RAW Brothers design New York City fintech incubator

Latest news on RAW Brothers fintech project in New York.


Looking twice once again

We live in an instant photo culture, anyone can take a 'stylish' photo any time, any where. But so much of the photography we look at doesn't make us look twice.


Rebrand for national youth charity

We are really excited to see the launch of our rebrand project with one of the UK's leading faith based youth charities.


The AI (Artificial Intelligence) future desk/chair scenario

When listening to Max speak recently in London, I mused at how similar most offices and workplaces are, but thought what about the future?


RAW Brothers Christmas gift list 2017

More inspirational stocking fillers from RAW Brothers!

RAW Brothers 5th Birthday Celebration

Thanks to all those who helped us celebrate being 5 years old! We took the opportunity to celebrate our 5th birthday...


Euro Car Parts venture to Ireland

Euro Car Parts update from RAW Brothers.


Part of GREAT

RAW Brothers are proud to be part of the UK Government's GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland programme The UK...

Passionate about improving people’s lives

Helping the built environment become brand centric Here at RAW Brothers we love to bring a positive change to the...

A secret lies here to successful brand thinking

What to do when 'brand' is stripped away? When traditional brand elements are removed what do we rely on to make...

The 'Real V Faux' future factor

Why the future is about building a real not faux space with personality The future lies with those businesses that...

Redesign of Invesco HQ part 6

Redesign of Invesco Perpetual European Head Office – On site In 2015 Invesco and the RAW Brothers began their largest...


RAW Brothers Christmas gift list

The list you've been waiting for all year!



RAW Brothers collaborate with Musson + Retallick.


Who drives your personality in your built environment?

RAW Brothers always have a core idea at the centre of a project that is derived from the personality of the business.


Is the personality of our nation changing?

We still live in a nation that shares deep common values and beliefs. Maybe it's harder than people think to change our nations' identity, our personality?


House for end of life has huge benefits

Exploring hospice design and how architecture can influence end of life built environments.


Redesign of Invesco HQ part 5

Find out more about how we incorporated the brand into the space.


7 great quiet places to work

Find out where RAW Brothers like to go to find peace and quiet.


Futuro House - be inspired once more

Read about this very rare living pod from the 1960's.


Becoming a member of a secret society

Becoming a member at the V&A did make us feel like we had joined a secret society.


Church and designer find strong bonds

A visit to Tom Dixon’s latest exhibition at St Jame’s Clerkenwell brings a refreshing partnership.


Redesign of Invesco HQ part 4

How the Connected Campus concept came about.


5 'more or less' mobile things for 2016

As mobile communication becomes increasingly the most powerful device we have in the office and at work, we take a look at 5 changes that may happen in 2016.


Redesign of Invesco HQ part 3

Our Personality, People, Place methodology sat alongside the AWA project roadmap


RAW schools road trip - top 5 challenges

The RAW team have been travelling up and down the country on a special education road trip. Our goal – to see how we can help improve the learning environment in schools.


Redesign of Invesco HQ part 1

Lets take a quick overview of this project.


Redesign of Invesco HQ part 2

Some stats behind the project.


Designers Christmas List 2015

Its that time again, lets have a look through the RAW Brothers stocking!


The working week days are numbered

Robots don't make mistakes, don't need lunch or loo breaks and don't get distracted by social media.


Office in a tree - TreeXOffice

We explore this intriguing office in a tree, a perfect place to drop in and do some work, the ultimate touchdown desk.


Get on board the WeWork wave

WeWork opened its doors in 2010 to build a new kind of place for individuals to come and work, in March 2015 it had 29 coworking spaces in 10 cities around the world and is still growing fast.


London Festival of Architecture - Place Making

Explore our 5 tips for place making.


Behind the scenes at Portman Square

More coming soon on this RAW collaboration with artist Eric Butcher.


Future Thinking Forum

A great event held in the heart of London's A&D community run by The Art of Work.

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