Personality, People, Place

Unveiling the Power of Storytelling: Transforming School Reputations in a Changing Landscape

Schools are poised to reimagine how they present themselves and engage with prospective students and families

Personality, People

Future branding in the mental health sector

The mental health sector was beginning to modernise pre-pandemic but now in 2022 people are turning to tech and faster options


Truce at the watering hole

A great need means a change of behaviour – another approach for workplace leaders.


Are you ready for hybrid working?

Hybrid working is a term currently being used to explain the place where you might work coming our of COVID 19.

People, Personality, Place

How to design workplace culture

RAW Brothers use a tried and tested method to help create stronger organisations. It’s all linked to these 3 simple words – Personality, People and Place.


What came out of the summer of kindness?

Saying thank you to the bus driver is common place again, shouting cheers up the road to the Amazon team as they deliver another parcel feels good.


Style Guide

This is the kitchen sink. It has all the things except for a long enough description so without this text things are weird.


Briefly leaving social in the distance

My reflections on the trip to the highlands and lakes were that we should focus on what we are good at. What we can add to the world and make a positive difference.


Go Human Launched!

We are helping organisations capture all the good stuff that has happened during COVID-19 lock down


Everyone Everywhere – RAW Brothers Short Film

We wanted to share something different, real and positive. We hope you like the short film.


Everyone Everywhere – People

A strong brand relies on having a great culture. Those that place authentic, real values at the heart of the organisation will truly connect people together.


Is there a magician in you?

Are you a hero, a creator, a regular girl/guy or a lover? RAW Brothers can journey with you to help archetypes make your business more attractive, powerful, exciting and successful.


Why Alice is all of our stories now

The next steps we take in life, in business, in communities and families are going to look different.


Gold is found at the bend in the river

RAW Brothers believe brands and organisations are like people. They have personalities, they too go through challenging times, they to face the bend in the river and they too can collect gold in that place.


Everyone everywhere...

Do people champion your organisation or your brand? If you invest in business personality, you will reap the rewards of a more connected culture.


New approach to cognitive science in the workplace

RAW Brothers have been working closely with new brand Boost Cognition to help develop their offering to business.


Part of GREAT

RAW Brothers are proud to be part of the UK Government's GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland programme The UK...



RAW Brothers collaborate with Musson + Retallick.


The working week days are numbered

Robots don't make mistakes, don't need lunch or loo breaks and don't get distracted by social media.


Future Thinking Forum

A great event held in the heart of London's A&D community run by The Art of Work.


Questions on 'stillness' in the workplace

Did you know a short 15 minute nap at work or getting some zizz zizz can improve productivity. Particularly for shift and night workers.


Look Out!

Before you approach change – stop and consider involving RAW. We can sprinkle a magic touch of inspiration and creativity into your brand communications and environments.


5 apps for your trip to work

As part of our 'Surviving work 'til the sun comes back' series here's a little 5 pointer on how to make the most of your trip to work.


Creating new value in your workplace

Our goal on every project is to create new value in the workplace.



Branding goes a lot further than bikes and phones, and there’s even a case for suggesting that each of us is our own personal brand.

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