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A visit to Futuro House

A house born out of the desire to live how you want, not like others do nor how others expect. Created in a time of circles and ovals not dominated by the square footage price.

At present situated at the top of Central St Martins College of Art and Design Kings Cross, this is a work of love that had the DNA of Personality, People and Place at its very heart.

House of Futuro

Painstakingly restored by artist Craig Barnes, the spaceship style, prefabricated house was designed by Finnish architect Matti Suoronnen in the 1960s, and is one of only approximately 60 in existence today.

The restorer

Craig represents the classic (designer) Englishman abroad in that whilst taking a break he can't resist to follow his passion and restless creative brain to start a new project on vacation.

Spotting the Futuro House whilst on holiday in South Africa Craig follows a childhood dream to own one. And this one needed rescuing from potential destruction.

RAW Brothers House of Futuro Restorers

After a terrifying trip back from South Africa, many painstaking hours of restoration and one very understanding wife Craig and his fellow restoration partners emerge with the most splendidly coloured restored Futuro Houses.

As we sat and listened to Craig tell us his story in the Futuro house on top of London's skyline we admired his spirit and tenacity to have been so faithful in his vision to bring the house back to its original vision.

Personality, People, Place

This is a place designed with personality, a passion to create something special, something that makes you feel and think differently. And so therefore makes the people that experience the Futuro become connected to the place. IMG_6937

I would love a Futuro house in my garden, but we have to say after listening to Craig's restoration yarn, we are not sure we would have had the energy to be a true Futuro hero house saviour. What a great place and what a great vision to have kept alive.

Futuro House

Craig Barnes

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