5 'more or less' mobile things for 2016

As mobile communication becomes increasingly the most powerful device we have in the office and at work, we take a look at 5 changes that may happen in 2016

1. Red dot – less

If you have an iPhone you will become more indifferent to the red dot warning on the top right of an app. You will begin to prioritise what you choose to respond to.

2. What’s app – more

More and more of use will turn to closed groups to hold conversations as we feel less secure and comfortable with broader communication methods feeling more connected with closer smaller networks.

3. Portrait video – more

We will become more lazy and not bother turning our mobiles to widescreen and so more content will be produced to fill the typical portrait mobile screen format – especially marketing.

4. Making a voice call – less

Making a voice call will begin to be seen as a luxury, when you have some time and a nice comfy chair you may consider calling someone you like. Otherwise the onslaught of swifter more trackable communications will remain first choice.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) – more

We already rely on NAI (Narrow Artificial Intelligence) to help us get about and find things. In 2016 your mobile will do even more – paying for transport, dinner, taxi, cocktails and coffee – receiving free personalised marketing content on the move.

Will this all make us smarter, faster and achieve more?

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