Office in a tree - TreeXOffice

We were intrigued by our visit to the 'office in a tree' or TreeXOffice in Hoxton Square and actually inspired by its boldness.

The project was set up by Groundwork London and Hackney Council to test new innovative models that may enhance public open spaces.

Rory Harmer, architect from Tate Harmer, explains the concept – "We wanted to create a working environment in middle of the park, it needed to blend in and coexist with the outdoor space and serve the local business commnunity with a completely new place to meet". The TreeXOffice is created from a low tech robust material called Richlite, the rib cage is highly durable to withstand weather and human interaction.

An inflatable ceiling keeps the water out with shade coming naturally from canopy of the tree. It also comes with power and wifi. You can rent it by the hour or the whole day. Users a have expressed how different it's been working in a tree canopy – capturing your imagination while you work. The creators were pleasantly surprised how many people thought the project was a great idea and wanted more of them around London. Even the local bar owner allowed TreeXOffice users to use his loos and offered to supply packed lunches.

The space is unmanned and self sufficient. It's free at weekends for local residents and community groups. So far it has been used for – wine tasting, facials, Tedtalks as well as business and events.

Build cost was approx £25,000 including some donated raw materials. Occupancy user rates has been over 50%, often as much as most meeting room spaces in traditional offices.

This place is perfect for some blue sky thinking!

Thanks to AWA for the Workplace Week tour.

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