How to design workplace culture

RAW Brothers use a tried and tested method to help create stronger organisations. It’s all linked to these 3 simple words – Personality, People and Place. Our purpose is to help you unite personality people and place. Or to put it differently to unite organisational brand, employee engagement and workplace strategy.

Company culture and office design – Personality 

The personality of your organisation is more important than ever. Our expertise in creating and building organisational brands will enable you to fully explore your potential and look into the future with a roadmap on where to go next.

Our approach digs deep into your culture and values to ensure what we bring is creative, authentic and true. We also pay close attention to brand consistency, we’re interested in unity not just uniformity – teasing out your best personality.

British Airways

British Airways

RAW Brothers created the BA recruitment centre at the BA headquarters in Waterside

Workplace culture examples – People

Brand is always more than a logo, it’s a narrative, it’s the story we tell each other. Its what we believe and experience about a person, an organisation its products and services. What will we gain from investing or when we choose to work for someone new, when we buy or sell a product?

How we engage with our organisations as owners, leaders, employees and workers is more important that it has ever been. RAW Brothers work with the leadership – brand, HR, properties and technology teams, to help bring their brand alive for people across their organisation.

British Film Institute

British Film Institute

RAW Brothers created a complete new workplace environment for the BFI

Using architecture to create a work culture – Place

The workplace is anywhere and everywhere. No longer can you totally control and dictate how a workplace looks and feels. But you can choose how to provide staff, employees and teams with the tools to do their best work everyday. How to inspire them to unite, live and breathe their organisations purpose.

RAW Brothers have worked across the globe developing workplace strategies that reflect the personality of organisations no matter the place, culture or size of location.

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