Look Out!

We always say a moment of change is a great opportunity to be snapped up!
A merger, an office move or the need to motivate your team. You have people's attention and an opportunity to create a positive culture.

Before you approach change – stop and consider involving RAW. We can sprinkle a magic touch of inspiration and creativity into your brand communications and environments.

Here’s three things to consider when opportunities arise in 2015...

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The sifters will be the winners...

In 2015 employees will have more data available to them than ever before. We no longer need to gather information we need to sift it. The winners will be those who successfully sift data, do not become overwhelmed by it and maintain creative mind space.

Ask RAW how to create a workplace where you can sift and be creative...

The social spacers will be smiling ...

A recent Gallup survey found that employee engagement is still very low. But also discovered socially engaged organisations trump those that are not. In areas like optimisim, inspiration, length of service and connectedness.

Ask RAW how to put a social space at the heart of your organisation.

The stillness takers will keep energised...

The knowledge workers of 2015 will be required to move even faster around cities and the globe. Taking a break to refresh is not easy. Organisations that take seriously the inclusion of a quiet space or contemplation space, as our friends at Kinnarps call it, will reap the rewards of more energised people.

Want to see our favourite office contemplation space in London? – let us know.

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