Is there a magician in you?

It’s amazing when you see someone have a light bulb moment. That happened to us one day in a brand session with a business in the hospitality sector. As we ran the program for brand archetypes, the leadership team realised that there was actually a magician right at the heart of the personality of their business. But how?

Most weeks they received challenging requests for last minute bookings – for lunches and conferences. Every time they managed to meet the demand, literally pulling a rabbit out of a hat. As we went through the archetypes exercise, it dawned on them that one of their key personality traits was a magician and that they should make a lot more of this. So what are brand archetypes?

Carl Jung introduced the thought of archetypes; that there are archetypal characters that we all relate to intuitively in powerful ways. These archetypes have been with us since the dawn of mankind. They were identified in the earliest folklore and legends, discovered in cultures and continents before they were connected to each other – the outlaw, the jester, the sage, the caregiver…

Archetypes remain true today, we recognise these archetypes in our conscious minds which in turn unlocks and connects us to unconscious truths. If you want your brand, your business or organisation to make more powerful connections with your audience, then identifying your truth archetypes are key.

Discover your archetype – are you a hero, a creator, a regular girl/guy or a lover? RAW Brothers can journey with you to help archetypes make your business more attractive, powerful, exciting and successful.

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