Gold is found at the bend in the river

A friend once told us this, that when you go looking for gold it's best to look in the bend of the river, because in the bend gold is collected. This short story has served us well over the years and is probably one of our most retold snippets of encouragement. 

Having first heard this encouragement when going through a challenging time, like all good stories, it brings hope. It's not just about getting around the challenge when obstacles are placed in our way it's also about the gold that is collected as we navigate the bend.

At these times when we look back we always find we have learned something new of true value. As well as navigating the challenge something else has also been deposited in us that will help us on the next stage of our journey.

Just like a river finding its way around obstacles, it may take time, but it finds a way. It creates twists and turns and in those bends gold is collected. So now we don't struggle as much with challenging times, we know we will find a way and we also know we will discover some new true qualities that are collected through the experience.

RAW Brothers believe brands and organisations are like people. They have personalities, they too go through challenging times, they to face the bend in the river and they too can collect gold in that place. 

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