The working week days are numbered

Well according to James Duez recently speaking at Workplace Week the working 5 day week for some of us could be over in the near future. His premise is that at present some tasks have been taken over by NAI (Narrow Artificial Intelligence) e.g. the manufacturing of cars, supermarket check outs and sat navs. But we have become blind to this as AI, he calls it the AI effect – blindness to AI intelligence in our society. As soon as AI tech becomes mainstream tech we stop thinking about it as AI – but it is still AI.


But Duez said there is a new wave of AI coming that will take over with a greater intensity. Jobs that have typically been done by you and I like processing insurance claims, legal claims, customer services are beginning to be run by robots.

They don't make mistakes, don't need lunch or loo breaks and don't get distracted by social media.

In the film Humans Need Not Apply this subject is explored well. And it does not apply only to repetitive tasks - even music is being written and art created by computers.

The challenge to our working week is that it will get shorter. There simply may not be enough work for everyone to do. What we filled 5 days with may soon only be enough 2 or 3 days.

It sounds backward. After all most of us who have grown up in London have been used to long hours and ever mounting tasks and actions. But imagine a future where there simply isn't enough work for us all to do.

But we also see this as an opportunity to continue to be inventive with business and how we live. How we can use our time to work together and seek to improve the way we work.

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