5 apps for your trip to work

As part of our 'Surviving work 'til the sun comes back' series here's a little 5 pointer on how to make the most of your trip to work.

Here at RAW we love to find ways to help improve peoples lives, hopefully you will find one of these apps helpful and your daily trips a little brighter.

1. Breeze


This app is awesome, a fine little brother to it's parent Run Keeper. Make those walks to and from work count. Build up miles, times, map and track everyday. It will make you smile too with its little encouraging notes that are hilarious. Check out your history to see how you're progressing and smile at their recommendations of your 'spirit animal' – at present I'm a Systematic Bird! We find this is a great app to use throughout the day and it's making health tracking lots of fun. It's easy to use as well.

Find out more – Breeze

2. Momento


Maybe you travel by public transport – then this little app is a must. There are plenty of note taking apps available but Momento trumps them every time because it's really simple and that's why we use it. Keep track of what happened in your day, personal thoughts and encouragements people give you. Attach photos to each note and connect to social media to keep a record of what content you posted. You'll soon find yourself browsing back over the month and having a great record of what you were thinking and feeling at particular times. A brilliant little companion on your way to work.

Find out more – Momento

3. Over


Over is a really creative little tool that means you can add different messages in different typefaces on top of your images. It's quick and simple. If you're not from a design background your friends will soon think you have taken evening classes in graphic design. The pre-loaded icons and sketches look great when you add them on top of photos from your phones camera roll. It's a great way to cheer friends up, send birthday images – all on the way to and from work.

Find out more – Over

4. Citymapper


You've heard of Citymapper right? The app that helps find the best route from A to B, gives you work-arounds when traffic and travel delays happen, tells you when the bus will arrive, tells you how fast you can walk it, shares your location with others and works on the desktop as well. Again the tone of voice makes using this app a great experience. They even show you the route if you took a catapult! We love to walk as much as possible, especially to and from work – but keep Citymapper close by as you never know when plans might change.

Find out more – Citymapper

5. Uber


Sometimes technology comes along and takes away the pain. Uber is one such app. As we said, we love to walk, but when you suddenly need a super fast trip, unplanned and without a wallet, your Uber app will save the day. Pay by different credit cards saved in app, text the driver, track them on a map, share with friends and earn money off. Rate the driver – because they also rate you! If you have to take a taxi then Uber really is the new way to go.

Find out more – Uber

So that's it for now on apps for trips to work. If you have any suggestions then drop us a line down at RAW towers. We hope you have a great day and that we have made a positive difference.

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