Organisational Brand – Personality

The world is full of talk about sales and product branding, but not so much about ‘organisational brand’. So why are we so passionate about it?

If you replace the word ‘brand’ with ‘personality’ you get a bit of a clue. Your organisation already has a personality – from its name, visual look and logo, to the experience staff and customers get when they interact with you.

When we meet a new person, first impressions are based on their name and their look, but we soon move beyond that and base our assessment of that person on our experience of interacting with them – how their personality and behaviour made us feel. It’s exactly the same with brands: it’s brand experience that is the most powerful thing, again and again. That’s what cements our loyalty and it’s what we recommend to other people.

Rather than merely a logo or set of guidelines, or strategic exercise shoved to the back of a drawer, brand plays a vital role in communicating your organisational purpose, consistently defining who you are and how you want to make people feel.

Organisations who invest in their brand personality and intelligent design of their brand experience create a strong, consistent culture and significant loyalty amongst their staff.

So what can you do?

Think about your organisational purpose – why does your organisation exist, and how is that expressed, particularly in your internal spaces?

Consider the brand experience you provide when people work for you, visit your offices, or interact with you remotely? Do you have consistency of experience across different locations – in the office (locally or at HQ), at home, in customer-facing locations, and online?

You might need to bring together key minds across your organisation to provide insights, get buy-in and ensure consistency across departments.

3 key steps to defining your organisational brand:

Clarify your purpose

Clarify your purpose by engaging key people throughout the organisation. Build commitment to developing an authentic true reason why you exist.

Build consistency

Build consistency of purpose across departments e.g. your HR, branding, properties, product and services, IT and leadership teams.

Gain insight

Run a brand personality audit across your workplace environment, giving you insights into whether established behaviours really fit your brand personality.

How can we help?

The RAW Brothers have helped a whole range of organisations bring their brand personality to life. We’ve developed a straightforward methodology to do this - based on many years’ experience of intelligent design and knowing what makes people tick. Inspiring your whole workforce to take brand personality seriously.

The reason it works is because we link your organisational brand directly to the people who work there (employee engagement), and the creative workplace they’re operating in (workplace strategy). As we like to put it – we unite personality, people and place. 

We provide the tools, insights and methodology to inspire your teams, and help them understand how a consistent, creative workplace can be key to nailing your brand. 

By taking basic brand creation and growing it into a whole brand experience, you’ll engage your employees and generate a really creative workplace, improving both your organisational performance and the lives of those who work there.

People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou