Workplace Strategy – Place

A workplace strategy is a methodology for establishing how, where and when work is done in your organisation.

A great strategy is about effective workplace design: seeking to understand and optimise your workplaces, creating a great employee experience and enabling your teams to deliver their best work.

Crucially, an effective workplace strategy must always be based on your organisation’s purpose and values. The very design of your spaces needs to be informed by the reason your organisation exists, what drives it and sets it apart; reflecting the story and magic behind who you are.

If workplace design is disconnected from this you may end up with a fantastic visual result – but one that fails to live and breathe your authentic brand personality and people culture. Proving far less effective as a result.

So what can you do?

If you’re thinking about an office move or refurbishment, or trying to bring consistency across multiple locations, don’t just jump straight in with designers and architects: think strategically. 

Create a workplace strategy team across your big departments – your people, brand, property, product and IT teams. This will ensure you have buy-in and understanding from all your managers, avoids organisational silos, and allows you to draw on their varying insights and experience to build a real picture of your organisational purpose and culture. 

This approach might be met with disinterest or caution at first, but it’s worth persevering. With a whole range of clients over the years, we have found that giving each department a voice and establishing strands of unity and consistency brings together a far more powerful story of the organisation. A refurbishment project may rest with the properties team but it is always a richer outcome if the whole business has been involved in the thinking behind it.

Secondly, make sure the interior designer with which you are working fully understands your strategy and who you are as an organisation. Rather than accepting the latest ‘on-trend’ creative, push for a deeper, more ‘you’ concept. Bringing on board a creative consultancy which specialises in strategic workplace design can really help, given the insights and experience they can provide, and giving you more leverage when briefing designers and architects. 

3 steps to an effective workplace strategy:

Feel and look

When creating a workplace design make sure you do the ground work before you choose the look. The feeling of a place is as important as the look.

Roundtable thinking

We can’t emphasis enough taking a collaborative approach to workplace strategy. Source an experienced workplace creative to bring your teams together.

Home hub HQ

Make sure you develop a workplace strategy that is future proof. Develop a strategy for home working, local hub working as well as the city HQ workplace strategy.

How can we help?

RAW Brothers are a workplace design creative consultancy with a difference. 

Our methodology: Uniting personality to people and place

We believe in uniting ‘place’ to the people who work and interact there, and the personality of the organisation. This belief is grounded in many years’ experience showing that when these areas are linked together and reflective of each other this gives your organisation a real, tangible, advantage. It will enable your business to deliver against its purpose and vision, optimise resources, and attract and retain the best talent in your industry.

The RAW Brothers approach to workplace strategy is informed by our personal experience in both brand communications and commercial interior design. This blend of skills has informed our ‘personality, people and place’ methodology since 2012, and our insights are based on working on a whole range of large and medium-size commercial fit-out projects, corporate relocations and multi-location workplace strategies across a variety of sectors.

With this proven methodology and real-world experience, we can help guide you expertly through the whole workplace design process. We can act as remote consultants, giving you inspiration and nudges in the right direction, or we can get more involved playing a key role in your strategic team, acting as the concept guardians to ensure that your vision, purpose and values stay on track and that the various built environment partners don’t lose sight of the creative goal. 

As a creative consultancy we work with some of the best workplace analysts in the UK and US, gaining insights and linking metrics and data to creative, to deliver some truly innovative workplace design.

We can talk to all stakeholders across the business as well as external built environment partners, helping make your workplace design project run as smoothly as possible. 

We are also experienced in working within tight budget constraints and overcoming practical challenges. Our experience has proven there's always a way get the job done, and the challenges are always worth it for the impressive creative results, creating a great workplace that lives and breathes authentic brand personality and people culture.

Our goal is to enable everyone to do their best days work everyday

RAW Brothers