Bridging the hybrid gap

There's a gap emerging in where and how we work, a common word used to describe this gap between old ways of work and new ways of work is hybrid. But organisations are wrestling with how to reach across this gap between the old and the new.

Here at RAW Brothers we have seen this gap for many years, it's the gap between an organisations brand, engaging their employees and a clear workplace strategy. These three things are often treated separately – separate departments, separate directors and teams and separate thinking. This leads to missed opportunities, siloed working and a disconnected culture.

We believe that unifying these three areas is the key to bridging the hybrid workplace gap. If you can unite your organisations brand (personality), with great employee engagement (people) together with a well thought-out out workplace strategy (place) then you will create a strong bridge.

The hybrid gap has been highlighted by everything we have been through in the workplace in 2020/21. The largest and fastest change management programme in business history. This has challenged traditional models of organisational brand, employee engagement and workplace strategy.

Here at RAW Brothers we have been working with a tried and tested methodology for a number of years which unites old ways of working and new ways of working. The COVID 19 pandemic highlighted what is possible to everyone everywhere and it highlighted it to us all at the same time. Our personality, people and place methodology bridges the gap between old ways of working and new ways. It bridges the gap over the challenge of hybrid working.

Uniting personality, people and place

Organisational Brand – Personality

The personality of your organisation is more important than ever. Our expertise in creating and building organisational brands will enable you to fully explore your potential and look into the future with a roadmap on where to go next.

Employee Engagement – People

How we engage with our organisations as owners, leaders, employees and workers is more important that it has ever been. RAW Brothers work with the leadership – brand, HR, properties and technology teams, to help bring their brand alive.

Workplace Strategy – Place

The workplace is anywhere and everywhere. No longer can you totally control and dictate how a workplace looks and feels. But you can choose how to provide staff, employees and teams with the tools to do their best work everyday.


Uniting personality, people and place is the way to bridge the hybrid gap that all organisations are facing today.

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