Why the future is about building a real not faux space with personality

The future lies with those businesses that build spaces with real personality not faux ones.

Google opened their first office over 15 years ago. The term Google Office is a phrase now recognised in popular culture. The slide/beanbag/scooter have been with us for a few years. But we recognise these aren’t the answer to all great workplace communities.

Simon Sinek speaks out in this Millennials Question interview on what a generation growing up may want and need in the future. It’s a brilliant interview and worth a watch.

So why do so many workplaces look the same with some feeling that if they don’t make an attempt towards the slide/beanbag/scooter model that they are missing out? And why is it that so many organisations invest large sums in redesigning their workplace but whose staff still prefer an independent coffee shop for a creative ideas session.

One word ‘personality’ – we can all spot faux personality spaces, just like a pub chains faux cosy lounge we all smell a rat with the faux workplace.

Faux is the friend of those that want to quickly tick a box and move on, driven by money, time and quality – all at the lower end of these scales – cheap, fast, average. A faux workplace community uses others concepts because it does not take the time to find its own personality and purpose. It takes style from the industry instead of from within. A true reflection of who you are, even if it’s a ‘work in progress’ and evolving, is still more believable than a faux one.

Building real space with personality is about the leadership of a business finding a way to truly create an experience that reflects the core values and purpose of the personality of the business in the space. To take the time to stand back and make genuine connection between your personality, people and place will yield great value and a genuine roadmap to creating a really great result for everyone. We’re on a journey at RAW Brothers, but we believe this to be true.

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