The British NeuroPsychiatry Association (BNPA), founded in 1987, is the leading academic professional body for medical practitioners working in clinical and cognitive neurosciences and psychiatry. The organisation wanted to move onto the next phase of their journey and their brand needed to be modernised.


After a series of creative sessions with the leadership a core purpose was clearly identified. The BNPA exist to ‘explore brain and mind for better health’. This sums up why they attract the countries leading neurologists, neuro scientists and psychiatrists to explore neuropsychiatry for the sake of better health both now and into the future.


RAW Brothers provided a clear creative brand strategy that sharpened how the leadership saw the organisation. This has made all communications more focused and powerful. We provided in-depth guidelines that set out consistency and clarity for all future BNPA communications, both on and offline and across their events and environments.