London Festival of Architecture - Place Making

RAW were excited to be part of the panel for the STAMP (Shad Thames Area Management Partnership) annual Local Eyes Festival, which was part of London Festival of Architecture. Alongside other industry place makers and local residents we explored urban design, architecture and the built environment within the Shad Thames community.

Many interesting themes were discussed such as:
How can we encourage local residents to take part and play a role in a local community like Shad Thames? Aren't we only custodians of the space we occupy anyway? How can our lives today be a legacy to the many others who have lived and worked here for hundreds of years? What are the creative ideas that empower us as we play our part in the 21st Century?

We recognised that, when place making, a key contribution is to consider the resources and signals that already exist in the area to help contribute to community cohesion. Shad Thames is rich in history and personality, even through years of industrial bustle and redevelopment, there is a strong heritage that supports contemporary events today.

Our time together created a great pool of ideas and strategies that will help develop the community togetherness for generations to come.

5 top tips when place making

1. Essence

Look for the essence of the location, the golden nuggets of truth to build on.

2. Real research

Do qualitative research - talk to those who work, live and visit the place, capture their hearts.

3. Spot the signs

Look for resources in the signs, connections and success stories in a place - these will make it easier to get things going, they could be local landmarks that are already embedded in hearts and minds.

4. Be creative

Trial art and involve collaborations with designers, architects and place makers - think creatively using all the senses, for instance you could bring a sound scape story to your place.

5. Get on board

Get everyone involved and as many onside as possible, you can't afford to make enemies, it's your best opportunity of success, the more advocates the better.

RAW were invited to participate as part of their ongoing work in the regeneration of an area central in Shad Thames.

Find out more about STAMP here

And the London Festival of Architecture here.

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