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Here at RAW we get really excited when we see imaginative ideas become reality. HI-MACS is a modern material that designers and architects can use to do just that.

HI-MACS is composed of 75% natural minerals and natural pigments set in to an acrylic matrix, and the remaining 25% are acrylates. This composition gives it fantastic properties of durability, strength and an aesthetically-pleasing smooth surface. HI-MACS is non-porous and its surface is so seamless that it is remarkably hygienic.

LG Hauseys provide HI-MACS in a full spectrum of colours and translucencies, contributing to its properties and making it one of the most versatile materials in the world. So we love it and here's a little taster to wet your HI-MACS appetite.

Michele De Lucchi's "Homage to the Imagination"


Italian designer Michele De Lucchi's "Homage to the Imagination" is exactly what it says. De Lucchi created a landscape of mountains, hills, valleys and lakes, exploring how we can go on a mental journey where we decide what is going to happen, erasing anything we don't want to experience with a single thought. The thermoformability of the HI-MACS is an amazing quality and De Lucchi's piece is a great example of this particular property.

Inductive Charging has arrived and HI-MACS has made the most of this new technology by creating TechTop - a wireless charging surface that enables mobile phones to become more energy efficient and sustainable. Qi Standard is the universal standard for inductive wireless charging to enable us to power up our future and allow us to stay connected. The inside of the HI-MACS surface is thinned to enable the charging technology to be built-in, and so it is not only beautifully seamless, but a safer option to wired charging.


The Interactive Diamond Bench was designed by NunoErin. It lights up a space and humanises technology through its bio-sensing technology. It makes great use of the unique interactive properties of HI-MACS, which allow sensory devices to detect touch and movement above the HI-MACS surface. NunoErin explains that it is an interactive playground, beautiful and functional, to be used specifically for shared spaces.


Architects Yoonseux created harmony in a swimming pool environment by using HI-MACS as the only material for the entire space. The properties of HI-MACS keep it stain-resistant, smooth, waterproof and easily repairable. The side walls were pierced in order to keep the echo of sound to a minimum, bumps were created on the floor for anti-slipping purposes and the ceiling received a spectacular pattern of cylindrical shapes - genius!

Yoonseux swimming pool


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