Finding your educational ethic

For the last seven years we have been helping to develop the brand for Twyford CofE Academies Trust. Brand is not a word you always associate with schools or education, but the brand strategies we have employed to help Dame Alice Hudson and her team have helped the trust to develop four large London schools in a strong consistent way.

Each school is obviously linked together as part of one Trust family sharing similar graphic design, typeface, core colours, photography, tone of voice, way finding, on and offline marketing communications. Each school also has its own personality, which makes them unique but part of the same family, a goal that the leadership was keen to achieve.

At the core of all the schools sits the trust’s ethic. When they approached us back in 2012 the first school had been going for a number of years. Their motto was taken from the bible - John 10:10. As part of an ambitious growth strategy we worked closely with the leadership team to develop a new communications approach to support their vision.

RAW Brothers used tried and tested brand strategy applying it in this educational setting. From the existing school motto we developed a trust wide ethic as a key central element. We abbreviated the bible reference to X:X which became a simple symbol called the 10:10 ethic. This then sat alongside a symbol that represented each specific school's specialism.

Today these symbols form part of each school's logo appearing on over 3500 school blazers!

RAW Brothers continue to help Twyford Academies CofE Trust as they grow with two new schools opening in 2020.

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