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Communicating purpose is still mission critical…

The time of ‘everyone, everywhere’ is here. In the era of everyone everywhere, strong brands and businesses make strong bonds with their people and the places they occupy. A strong brand relies on having clear brand personality. At the heart of that is your purpose; the reason why you exist.

Ask yourself this question about your organisation before COVID-19 – What was the purpose of your organisation? (beyond making money). And now ask this question during COVID-19 – Has that purpose become stronger or weaker?

A true purpose should help you survive and thrive, it should enable people to connect even across multiple locations, it should be able to withstand a seismic event like COVID-19.

RAW Brothers help many corporate, educational and not for profit organisations help identify their purpose.

A great example of an organisation that has identified its core purpose is Zoom. Their brand purpose looks something like this:

  • Why – Delivering happiness
  • How – Empowering people to accomplish more
  • What – Makes video communications frictionless
This approach has helped position Zoom as the No.1 go-to video communications tool. So much so that it has become the new category verb. We no longer say "let's have a Skype call" we say "let's have a Zoom call". Brands that can identify a strong purpose and place it at the core of their organisation will be the winners.

Our experience shows that organisations that bring everyone together to work on the purpose are more united. We will always seek to draw key departments together to be part of the process from across the business. With the leadership typically we would identify Properties, HR, Brand and Technology to work with the leadership to put the purpose at the heart of the organisation. Broadly speaking this is a methodology that unites the personality of an organisation with its people and physical place.

We believe organisations are more effective when they are united and moving as one. When people understand the magic behind their business purpose and begin to live their organisation’s values – everyone everywhere. That’s the power behind personality, people and place.

We wrote this spoken word in response to what we are going through in 2020 with COVID-19 and the thought of coming out of lock down. We wanted to share something different, real and positive. We hope you like the short film. Please do share it.

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