Turning a negative into a positive
– the workspace environment

How can a customer journey be inspirational and positive even when the outcome may be a negative?

When one of the UK’s leading businesses approaches you for help with their recruitment process you can only but rise to the challenge.

What a fantastic brand opportunity! But then it sinks in, they want people to go through their recruitment process and when they are rejected they still want them to feel good about the brand.

But actually this happens all the time. We go to football and our team loses. We go to the shops but we didn’t find what we were looking for. We went on a date but it didn’t work out.

We still go back and support the football club, we still go back to the shopping centre, we still visit the restaurant where we had the lousy date.


An environment can transcend a specific goal and give you a greater experience than the actual reason for being there. Many people will go for a job interview with our client, will not get the job, but will still use their product.

A great environment experience can woo you, educate you, inspire you, guide you, comfort you – all the time speaking about the character and make-up of its owner(s).

Customer journey and branding in the environment

To make a great workspace environment, get a good representational team from across your business together. Do a health check on your brand, what’s working, what do people love about you, what are the stories everyone talks about? How can these contribute to an environment workspace alongside the ‘corporate brand guidelines’?

Once you have done a health check get some expert help on board. Someone that understands both brand and space. Form a team and write the brief.

A good brand environment agency should be able to represent your story creatively and bring it to life in the workspace environment. The key is partnering with them. Not treating them as an outsider, make them part of your team. Immerse them in your world!