As part of our ‘Surviving work ’til the sun comes back’ series here are some hints and tips for when you are out and about this winter.

We work in a collaborative work space and spend a lot of time on the road, but we love to take some RAW culture where ever we go…

Fuel up

1. Start the day with one of these or at least take one with you when you’re on the road; the 11 o’clock sugar low will be kept at bay.

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2. Make sure you have your wifi access sorted if you’re doing a long tube journey, it does make a massive difference being able to get online between stops.

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Stay dry


3. Invest in a decent bag; one that’s water proof, we love Freitag.

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4. If lunching in your office, get into the routine of cooking a bit extra the night before – it may smell when you get it out of the fridge at 7am the next morning, but when its piping hot at midday you’ll love it!

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5. Or make sure your pitstop is a healthy one – Pod are all over the City of London and are great places to stop.

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6. Be creative with your meeting venues. If you’re in the workplace design zone, many furniture companies are happy for you to use their showroom suites as meeting places – Kinnarps is a example.

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7. Both Air Charge and Charge Box are leading the way in providing solutions for recharging your mobile devices on the move, handy if you’re nearing only 10%!

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8. Tea time – there are many independent coffee houses springing up across London, we love our local one Artisan, it’s very original and they’re really friendly.

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Take note

9. Organise your ideas. As you are travelling from meeting to meeting, and your mind is resting, often genius bubbles up; have a tried and tested way to make simples notes that you will go back to.



10. Finally, if you are out and about, make sure you mix business with pleasure; that slot between 6 and 8pm is always a great one to catch up for a quick drink and you still have the evening free!