Why do I love collecting business cards? Well it’s because each card triggers a memory, if it doesn’t then I often don’t keep it. I have hundreds on the window sill in front of me in our creative studio. Each card represents a bit of my life, a person I met and a situation I was in. Some are fascinating, some funny and some led me down roads I didn’t expect and have been better for going down those roads. Some of the cards I love because of the design approach, but others I have a deeper bond with. I hope we never stop sharing these little cards of connections with each other as we go about business and life.

I wanted to take the opportunity to tell a few business card stories…

From left to right – I met this lady from the Trafficking and Kidnap Unit of the Police whilst volunteering for an anti child trafficking organisation. She really impressed me as she gave a heart felt presentation to a room full of people seeking to support the anti trafficking movement in London. The Make It Happen card I actually designed for a friend who has championed many not for profit ventures in the UK, he liked the first ideas and went with it. Love146 is the anti child trafficking charity I volunteered for, they are an amazing organisation and worth looking into, they have an amazing story behind their name.


From left to right – these cards all take a slightly different approach. The gold foil stamped one is Hakkasan in Hanway Place London, I had a long lunch their one day treated by a friend it was quite an experience and not much got done that afternoon! The bear paw trying to catch the fish is a card by Andrew Berwick a young illustrator who impressed me I met a number of years ago. The final card by Design Work Studios made me smile with their refer a friend stamp.


From left to right – I had a wonderful meal at Joel Robuchon, only to be interrupted as my wife reacted to some raw root vegetable which brought the sommelier, the head chef and manager rushing to our table, they were very attentive until the reaction went down and we carried on the meal 🙂 I love the Anchor and Hope hand written approach which seems to got so well with the name. The last card here is from Richard Leray, an amazing craftsman and artist we met in the sleepy French town of Fontevraud l’Abbaye, he created amazing medieval calligraphy and art prints.


From left to right – I love these cards because they are so tactile from Hugme at Hug London, to my friend Dan van der Spuys first business card at Magnetum to a really lovely architect called Brigitte who at the time was working at Farrells. All the cards are printed on heavy uncoated board using foil debossing techniques.


From left to right – these last three are less about design and more about doors opening. I will never forget collecting the first card from Henry Cook advisor to Michael Gove as we walked with Michael around William Perkin CofE school at its grand opening. We had just finished creating the brand environment for the school, I remember thinking what do you say to a member of the prime ministers cabinet! The middle card is from a hero of ours, Joy Morrissey, now member of parliament for Beaconsfield, we supported Joy not because of her political party but because we saw her doing amazing things serving the local community and we met some amazing people getting to know her. The last card is Sukhpal Singh, an amazing man who started a car parts company in north London in the 1970’s and sold it for a lot of money to the Americans many years later, we worked with Sukhpal for a number of years and helped develop the LKQ Euro Car Parts brand strategy, including the redesign of this business card!


Let’s keep producing business cards, yes the design is important, but beyond that you never know where a new contact will lead .

Hope you enjoyed the business card memories, I am sure you have loads of your own!

Rich, RAW Brothers.