The Pub in a Pie…

This Rip up the rule book goes to the lovely Heston Blumenthal and his team at Channel 4.
When we worked with our partners ABA we were approached by Heston’s team. They said, “we have seen this blog you wrote on colour psychology and crisp packets!” “Ah yes we said!” ” Well, we are making this program with Channel 4 called ‘Heston’s Fantastical Food’ and we wondered whether you could lend your expertise?”
So this got my attention and I have to say after sitting through Heston’s ‘Pub in a Pie’ episode, I saw some really interesting people behaviours at play. Heston had ripped up the rule book with this concept. The aim of the show was to campaign for the return of a local village pub that had been closed down.
Pub in a Pie was a journey that really seemed to impact people. I was struck by the sublimely ridiculous thought of creating a lifesize pub inside a pie on a village green in the British summer. There was an edible snooker table, ‘froth topped flavoured bar snack beer’ and ‘pie bricks’ that the whole place was constructed from! This little exploration did make an interesting point.

What can we learn about changing our own business environments?

• Being predictable will get us nowhere
• Thinking big is a great start, even if later it’s reined in
• Take people on a journey that surprises and delights them
• Get everyone involved

The ICE Hotel is another great example of ripping up the rule book when creating an environment. People pay good money to stay in this frozen wonderland and it’s fully booked all season. So what can we learn? With our staff team and office spaces, workplaces and corporate environments, where walls aren’t editable and froth on the coffee is, well, just coffee machine froth!
Every brand has something to say. Every space and environment is an opportunity to do something special. We believe it’s possible to make brands work at work and maybe, pie pubs and ice hotels can help us genuinely be more creative. If we can harness more fun, energy and enthusiasm to help us embrace these difficult economic times – then bring it on!
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