RAW Birthday
1 October 2013

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Video mapping
26 September 2013

Environments that change perception If you want to know what video mapping is then check this out… O (Omicron) from Romain…

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Back to the future (office)
30 July 2013

and our medieval workplace It’s the 21st century. We can talk to anyone we want at any time – well almost….

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O2 HQ through a key hole
6 June 2013

On a ‘through the key hole’ guided tour of O2’s campus, Slough, west of London we set out to answer 3…

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Hidden gems
5 April 2013

& great design. We are on a mission to discover and create ‘hidden gems’. So what is a hidden gem? If…

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European brand environments
25 March 2013

We have created brand environments in many of Europe’s cities This map shows our trail as we have moved from city…

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Is your workplace ‘fit for the future’?
20 February 2013

A recent survey said… 41% of people agreed the design of the workplace is important to them (that’s good) but only…

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12 personalities of business
3 January 2013

No.2 The Explorer Searcher, seeker, adventurous, restless… How do businesses and brands attract passionate dedicated followers? Followers who clearly understand who…

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'Rip up the rule book'
6 December 2012

The Pub in a Pie… This Rip up the rule book goes to the lovely Heston Blumenthal and his team at…

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