Becoming a member of a secret society

Becoming a member at the V&A did make us feel like we had joined a secret society. Although it’s not secret and not really a society. But being led by a member of the V&A staff through the glass exhibition hall to a plain glass mirrored wall and then being shown the door handle in the middle of the wall that leads you to the members lounge did make us feel special. You can actually visit the museum for free, hang out in the beautiful cafe for cups of English tea and cake. But a visit behind the glass door to the hidden members lounge takes you to a new level of connectedness with the place.

The V&A

We found ourselves there on a sunny Friday morning in May, on the higher levels of the V&A with the old windows open wide and fresh air gently breezing through the members lounge – it is a haven of peace and quiet amongst the buzz of the museum.

You actually feel like you have been shown a hidden room, one that allows you to step to one side from the hustle and bustle of museum life. But one where you can hop back in for bit of inspiration at a moments notice.

RAW Brothers Members

New place for creativity

This place is a great development to the brand experience of the museum. Often put off from a visit because of the busyness of South Kensington museum life, now it has become an inspired creative outing with a place to retreat and recharge.

The simple but careful thinking behind adding this area to the V&A membership has created a great connection between their personality, people and place.

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