No.2 The Explorer

Searcher, seeker, adventurous, restless…

How do businesses and brands attract passionate dedicated followers? Followers who clearly understand who you are and what you’re about. We think it’s by making your business brand personality strong and consistent. Think about Apple, they are an explorer brand through and through – everything they do helps you explore creativity more, they don’t just make computers. Here’s another, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, who’s innovative attitude to social media has led to many big and small customer adventures. Both these brands maximise the opportunity to reflect their core personality which makes them stronger.


Have a think about your business as a character or personality (sometimes known as brand archetypes). We use 12 – Outlaw, Innocent, Explorer, Sage, Hero, Magician, Regular Guy/Gal, Lover, Jester, Caregiver, Creator, Ruler.

These personalities have always been with us from early cave painting and graphic story telling across tribes and people groups before they ever met. Similar personalities existed, villains, heroes, magicians, healers, explorers. These are personality types that we relate to as humans in a deep and personal way.

Here’s a quick guide to discovering if you are an Explorer business

Does your business or organisation identify with any of the following:

• Searcher, seeker, adventurous, restless, desires excitement
• Independent, self-directed, self-sufficient
• Values freedom

If the answer is yes, then there are elements of an explorer personality type in your business. Use them wisely and consistently. Think about the different areas your brand exists:- communications, products/services, environments and behaviours – are they reflecting your personality?

Using brand personalities instills a powerful and strong authentic meaning into your business and brand. It will help represent aspirations and desires. They speak the language of our hearts and minds. We use them all the time when exploring brand challenges with businesses in the workplace.

In 2013 we need to harness the raw energy and passion within our organisations more than ever. If our teams are to be fully connected to our brand and represent our business – then the brand personality is a powerful tool.

We believe that it’s really important brands work at work. So the people making, selling and supporting the brand can do their very best for their customers and audiences. Watch out for another one of the 12 personalities for business.

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