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We want to help improve the workplace. We want to make it more enjoyable and more effective. We want to talk to people about what makes their office, workplace, or business space a success.
How many times do you come home and say to your loved one, flat mate or the dog – “Wow that was a good day in the office”? Here at RAW, we are really interested in your day. How much does office design, layout and a flexible space contribute to making it better? What could help you get the job done?. Is your day improved because you were able to chat to the leader of your organisation in a relaxed informal environment rather than having get past their gate keeper? Is IT a help or a hinderance? What was your best day in the office ever?
After we have gathered your feedback, we will give it a good read, combine it with other bright ideas and comments, and then we will share the results in ‘A good day in the office’ white paper.
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